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The Selection Process

Explore the steps of the Huntsville Fire & Rescue hiring process

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Step 1: Submit your online application

Applicants must possess a valid high school diploma from a school accredited by a regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or a GED certificate issued by the appropriate state agency. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and must possess and maintain a valid U.S. driver’s license. Applicants must not have a conviction of a felony or conviction of a crime involving fire and/or explosion; or have been found guilty of a crime of moral turpitude or have engaged in immoral conduct which indicates an unfitness to discharge the duties of a Firefighter.

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Step 2: Schedule your CPAT Orientation

Applicants must attend a mandatory Candidate Physical Ability Test (“CPAT”) orientation. Applicants are required to follow the instructions provided on the job announcement to self-schedule for a CPAT orientation. After the CPAT orientation, applicants will be given approximately six weeks to prepare for their first of three attempts to pass the CPAT.

Applicants who fail to self-schedule, arrive late or fail to attend the mandatory CPAT orientation will automatically be eliminated from the hiring process.

Huntsville Fire and Rescue truck with the doors open and gear laying on the floor beside truck

Step 3: Submit Your Supplemental Application

During the CPAT Orientation, each applicant will be given a Supplemental Application which must be completed by the given deadline. The Supplemental Application will require additional documentation concerning accurate driving records and personal history which may take considerable time to compile.

Applicants who fail to turn in the Supplemental Application by the deadline will automatically be eliminated from the hiring process.

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Step 4: Take your written exam

Following the instructions provided on the job announcement, Applicants must self-schedule an appointment to take the Written Examination. Applicants must pass the written examination with a minimum score of 70 to continue in the hiring process.

Applicants who fail to self-schedule, arrive late, or fail to take the mandatory written examination will automatically be eliminated from the hiring process.

Firefighter cadet rappelling down a metal building

Step 5: Take your physical ability test

Following the instructions provided on the job announcement, Applicants who achieve a minimum score of 70 on their written test are eligible to take the Candidate Physical Ability Test (“CPAT”) and must self-schedule an appointment.

1st and 2nd attempts are considered practice sessions but if you pass, you will not be required to retake for this hiring process

3rd attempt is the official and final CPAT test.

All applicants who pass by the 3rd attempt will be considered but not guaranteed to receive an oral interview.

Applicants who fail to self-schedule, arrive late or fail to successfully complete the CPAT examination will automatically be eliminated from the hiring process.

White man and African American man in job interview

Step 6: Participate in an interview

Applicants selected for an oral interview will be contacted by Huntsville Fire & Rescue’s administrative staff by phone to schedule an interview.

Huntsville Fire and Rescue patch on firefighter uniform with two men blurry in background

Step 7: Receive a conditional job offer

After successful completion of the interview, Applicants who are selected will receive a Conditional Job Offer outlining the conditions that must be met prior to being hired to include a successful physical examination and background check. Applicants will also be required to sign a background authorization for release of information.

Applicants who fail to pass the either the physical examination or background check will automatically be eliminated from the hiring process.

Picture of a man pulling a job offer letter out of a red envelope

Step 8: Congratulations! You've received a final job offer.

At the completion of these steps, your job offer will be confirmed and you will be provided with a start date for employment as a Cadet.

Huntsville Fire and Rescue cadets learning CPR in Cadet School

Step 9: Attend Huntsville Fire & Rescue Cadet Academy

For approximately six months the new Cadets will attend our Academy to achieve certification in a variety of skills required to become a certified Firefighter. The required certifications include: Firefighter I and II, CPR, Emergency Medical Technician, Rope I, Rapid Intervention Crews and Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations. This Cadet Academy’s sole purpose is to equip you with the knowledge, skills and courage to perform the duties of a Firefighter effectively.

Huntsville Fire and Rescue cadets

Step 10: Graduate from the Cadet Academy

Upon successful completion of the Cadet Academy, you will graduate by participating in a ceremony whereby you will be sworn in. Now you are ready to IGNITE YOU CAREER with Huntsville Fire and Rescue.

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